Year end party for the Mighty Octopus!

What a great Year End Party for the Mighty Octopus! Thank you for the support of the ESL parents who came to make this a fun day for everyone. Thank you to Mr. O Neele who dropped by to say ‘Hello’ to his incoming Grade Two class. Thank you to Miss Atkinson who graciously lent us her room. Thank you Miss Faye for being there for our dear Mighty Octopus!

What does “measuring” look like in PO16?

The class of the Mighty Octopus read a story Inch Worm by Leo Leonni and we did some measuring activities. Each one was assigned a partner to help measure his/her body parts like arms, legs, feet, head, around the neck and more. It was also a great opportunity to read the story Beanstalk, the Measure of a Giant by Ann McCallum. In this story, the giant (named Ray) and Jack became good friends and they played games. They also compared sizes. The giant was 5 times the size of Jack who was only 4 feet tall (or as tall as the Giant’s knee). What fun then for our Mighty Octopus to measure themselves in inches and compare who was the tallest? smallest in the class.

Note taking activity on parts of plants

In the class of Ms. Kidder, we worked in small groups and took down notes about parts of plants such as stems, roots, flowers, fruits and leaves. We used a selection of non fiction books to write down important ideas that we read about and then filled up boxes to sort out these information. After this, we did a jigsaw and had students who became ‘experts’ describe their plant parts to others.

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Our new ISM Elementary Website!

This year 2011, elementary school launched a new website for all students and teachers to enjoy. As you open the page, you will see almost the same page as the portal but one that is more child friendly. The links are easy to access since they are color coded and in bold prints. Do enjoy this resource that is for ALL of us to share at ISM.

Supporting Bilingualism!

This is a way for parents who want to know more about how we support bilingualism at ISM. With so many nationalities and languages that are spoken, we give opportunities for both parents and students to use this language not just to communicate, but to be part of school initiatives to learn in the native language.

Pagcaliwagan Mighty Octopus [Photo Gallery]

This is the photo gallery of the Pagcaliwagan's Mighty Octopus. Enjoy browsing through everything we are doing together this year!